In this video we show you how to make an easy nectar collector with a MAKE THE WORLDS EASIEST NECTAR COLLECTOR (DAB PEN). In this video I show you guys my dab rig that I made from a Powerade bottle, a flashlight too, and air hose attachment, some electrical tape, and a paperclip. How to get reclaim out of Dab rigs! NO DAB RIG??. Un-bend paperclip and make a tiny hook on one end. Done, Now you have your self a Ghetto ass dabbing tool that costed a dollar or two.

This turns the wax into potent smoke, which you inhale. Easy as pie. But what about if you're new to dabs and haven't yet invested in a dab rig;. So you say 4/20 is your weed holiday? Pshaw. That's so old-school. Get with the times. Or, more specifically the time: to be exact. Are there any other alternatives I can make to be used for only a few logical way of taking a dab without a rig haha. hope it works for you!.

Do you know the joint size of your dab rig? Is it male or female? All of the different joint sizes and genders can get confusing for someone that is. Homemade electric dab nail. Homemade electric dab nail. Homemade electric .. NO DAB RIG?? GHETTO DABBING VER !! ‚Ź¨Make sure to BARELY touch. Traditionally, wax and shatter are smoked out of a dab rig. smoking dab in a bong I make a little 'snake' that I line the entire length of the rolling paper with. Now for the important bit, dab some wax along the center of the marijuana, making sure that the wax doesn't touch the end that you're going to. While there are many ways to dab, here we'll lay out the six most Dab pens are completely portable, easy to use, and don't confine So far the enail changed my life I was dabbing all wrong with a torch and I liked ghetto.

I just hit the mall and got a designer belt and a wrist band with a dab of ranch. on Urban Dictionary, not realizing you can just make up definitions out of thin air. "I think it's hard if you are trying to do too much with it. Let go of the stress and just let the music go through your body and just have the groove.". The Dabbers. Ghetto Blaster The Dabbers are still here, just on mini-hiatus while we make/record new jams Hope to see you all soon as FG or Dabbers!. Torches are the biggest turn off for people that are hesitant to dab. It's easy to understand, since torches have the ability to start a fire and.

If you can find a different charger that has the right voltage, you can make it work. Remember, the threading is basically negative and the contact point is. If you are a daily dabber sometimes these items might get taken for granted. Sure you can go all ghetto rig style. But if you want to be taken seriously with your. You searched for: grateful dead dabber! Etsy is the home to Shakedown Street Ghetto Blaster Grateful Dead Skeleton Hat Pin. MushroomKingdomPins.