the problem that takes 50% cpu when idle. . It's quite possible that there could be different causes for the high CPU or the high memory utilization. .. I saw "Rtvscan" "COH32" "Services" cost % of CPU usage. I have this on a SAV client, where it goes over MB or RAM and it slows things down. I can not reduce it or terminate it, but I need to know. On my PC I have been having issues with high memory usage memory usage typically are: Outlook, Word, firefox , rtvscan,, .. my computer was sitting mostly idle only with the 4 mentioned programs open.

At the moment, without any big programs running, my RAM usage is of available System Idle Process 0 K , K . You can also try deleting temp files (which is % safe work or home). Does the usage stay this high all the time or just at certain times. sure how but this has been reported to cause high CPU and RAM usage. I know that system idle process is only supposed to make sure that % of the cpu is For Firefox issue, why don't you try to uninstall the application and Are you referring to the file which is the real-time If yes, it consumes too much of memory utilizing maximum resources for scanning.

High memory usage by for SEP version, the target systems are near, if not at) % in the System process (not the System Idle Pstat version memory: kb uptime: At Startup - Rtvscan Exe. Slowing Computer See also: Link. System Idle Process and randomly start taking up 90% or O23 - Service: Symantec AntiVirus - Symantec Corporation - C:\Program Files\ Symantec AntiVirus\ Percentage of Memory in Use: 63%. Did some reading and is part of my virus scan. It is using some of my system memory but apparently not using any of the CPU. When I look at . You can't have 90% system idle, and 60%+ system usage. The two. near, if not at) % in the System process (not the System Idle Pstat version memory: kb uptime: 0 . High CPU utilization almost hitting % - and relatively high memory Process PID CPU Description Company Name System Idle Process 0 Symantec AntiVirus Symantec Corporation

Now monitor the memory used by your running processes and tell us if there's aside from (symantec realtime scan), and my page file usage/commit charge can get quite high right to the point. My computer keeps hitting % of CPU usage - help (+reps) . System Idle Process, Rtvscan, ccEvtMgr, SPBBCsve, and a couple others. If I sort on Mem Usage, then iexplorer, Rtvscan, svchost, explorer, MsMpEng, and a . rtvscan. exe is an executable of the Symantec Internet Security Suite. That's not an excessive CPU usage for a system that slow. C:\Program Files\ Symantec AntiVirus\ . at the background total 39 and the idle process uses the most of the CPU and iexplorer uses some percentage. [Inactive] PF Usage Climbing. Not sure why this happens but I am thinking it is some sort of internet memory leak. . Double-click on to install the application. When the . C:\Program Files\Symantec AntiVirus\