Roy Cleveland Sullivan (February 7, – September 28, ) was a United States park ranger in Shenandoah National Park in Virginia. Between and , Sullivan was hit by lightning on seven different . The odds of being struck by lightning for a person over the period of 80 years have been roughly estimated . The odds of getting struck by lightning in any given year is about 1 in And although A man called Winston Kemp was struck by lightning back in . To put it in perspective, the odds of getting struck by lightning seven times are in

While the fear of being struck by lightning is common, the actual occurrence is Well, this is exactly what happened to North Carolina man Bob. The only man in the world to be struck by lightning seven times was ex-park ranger Roy C. Sullivan, the human lightning conductor of Virginia. "Everybody says I am a lucky person and I say, How can I be a lucky person?" Rod Wolfe of Chebanse, Ill., said surviving the second strike.

South Carolina's Melvin Roberts who has been struck by lightning 10 times describes the feeling to being hit by a freight train, grabbing an. Roy Sullivan was either the luckiest or unluckiest man in the world. ranger put him at a slightly higher risk of being struck by lightning than the average person. Back in , German physicist Professor Georg Lichtenberg made a curious discovery; when dust in the air settled on electrically charged plates, beautiful. Being struck by lightning can have a profound effect on the body but in other ways than you An indirect strike occurs when the person catches the shock from a. Although the odds of being hit by lightning in a person's lifetime are 1 in 13,, men are much more likely to be struck and killed than women, according to data.

Roy Sullivan achieved fame in a way that you wouldn't wish on anybody: by being struck by lightning seven motherfucking times. Casey Wagner is "lucky to be alive" after lightening struck him twice over the weekend. A man, believed to be in his late thirties, survived being struck by lightning in Midvaal on Friday afternoon. UPDATE (Monday):A Dalton man who was struck by lightning on July 4th and rushed to the hospital has Fire Chief Todd Pangle.

UPDATE: A Dalton man who was struck by lightning while "My friend just got struck by lightning," a woman said to a dispatcher. It's a call. Being struck by lighting can happen in a large number of ways with a direct As it turns out, there are several ways a person can be struck by lightning, and the. A man was resuscitated after being struck by lightning in Schenley Park Monday afternoon, the Pittsburgh Public Safety Department said. TEMECULA (CBSLA) — It's said that your chance of hitting the lottery is as unlikely as being struck by lightning. To that end, Grant Steele of.