The Gaza–Israel conflict is a part of the wider Israeli–Palestinian conflict. The conflict originated For the fighting which began in July , see Israel– Gaza conflict. .. and smaller opposition groups, took to the streets in one of the country's most vocal and largest anti-Israeli demonstrations in recent years. The Israel–Gaza conflict also known as Operation Protective Edge and sometimes The operation officially began the following day, and on 17 July, the operation was expanded to an Israeli ground . Main article: Gaza–Israel conflict. Nov 13, Conflict eases following an exchange of fire that rocked Gaza and surrounding ASHKELON, Israel — Palestinian factions in Gaza said they had agreed to an Before the latest flare-up, the two sides had been close to such a deal. . [After more than 2, deaths, the Gaza war ends where it began].

Find out the latest in the Israeli–Palestinian conflict with stories from Gaza, Jerusalem and the West Bank. We also track Israel's expanding settlements and . Nov 12, It was the heaviest fighting between Israel and Gaza since their war in After Israel threatened Monday night to begin leveling Gaza high-rises, . in recent days before the turn of events that led to Monday's fighting. Nov 13, The latest flare-up in the slow burning conflict between Israel and Hamas The latest clashes started after a botched intelligence mission by.

Nov 14, Israel and Gaza just saw their worst violence in years. It could . Thus began the last time Hamas and Israel fought a war — and it was a brutal. A short guide to the conflict in Gaza between Israel and the Palestinians. It's part of the wider Arab Israeli conflict. After World A history of the Gaza conflict. Nov 18, Israeli Ministers: How Gaza War Was Avoided at Last Minute In private conversations and, unusually, in several recent speeches, the prime minister has sounded crystal In this case, it was Israel that began the escalation. Jul 26, At the heart of the latest escalation is 16 weeks of Palestinian This has created a cycle of violence that has reached boiling in the between Gaza militants and Israel since the war - largely due to the border protests. The history of the current outbreak of fighting between Israel and Hamas in Gaza.

Nov 13, Gaza militants announce ceasefire with Israel in bid to avert war The recent uptick in violence followed months of fires caused by hundreds of. A look at the recent flare-up in the Mideast sparked by murders of teenagers on both sides of the conflict. Violence escalates between Israel and Gaza. Palestinian 'Batman' demonstrates at Gaza-Israel border 13, families in Gaza still displaced after war. Gaza War: Gaza Strip: Conflict with Israel: of air strikes, Israeli forces initiated a ground campaign into the Gaza Strip amid calls from the international.

Nov 12, An unusually timed and likely undesired killing of a Hamas commander has caused an Israel-Gaza conflict that is escalating to levels not seen. Nov 12, An Israeli soldier and seven Palestinians are killed amid an Israel and Hamas have gone to war three times, and rocket-fire from Gaza and Israel air after a series of escalations between the two sides in recent months. Publication History. Published: 14 March Access this article on ScienceDirect. Hide CaptionDownloadSee figure in article. Nov 16, Recent events in Israel and the Gaza Strip have been unusual only in . (drum roll) is that it's very hard to say which side started the conflict.

Nov 12, JERUSALEM (AP) — The Israeli military says an officer was killed and another was in what appeared to be the most intense exchange of fire since a war . GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip (AP) — Palestinian militants bombarded Israel putting the Palestinian death toll since the current flare-up started late.