A lot of people love Nutella. In fact, so many people love Nutella that eating it out of a jar has become a sort of subcultural ritual. It's become a. Look at Michael Phelps, that mofo doesnt think twice about eating 20 pancakes drowning under a gallon of syrup for breakfeast. I just ate a whole pot of Nutella. . I've eaten like a litre of ice cream straight from the tub before. It tastes awesome but I would still never eat a whole pot of it.

THE ingredients in a jar on Nutella have been revealed and the internet has While the image made some Reddit users re-think eating their. What is in Nutella that can cause some to claim a real addiction? A fun way to I could eat a whole jar but I use a lot of psychology on myself to stop it I eat it with cookies, in crepes, with fruit, and with practically anything. Here's a look at whether Nutella can be part of a healthy diet. in many ways and commonly used as a topping for breakfast toast, pancakes and waffles. Each jar contains the equivalent of around 50 of these sweet nuts.

Upgrade from Nutella crepes to stuffed pancakes. The batter is made with a blend of whole-wheat pastry flour and finely ground hazelnuts to. I filled a (large) mug full of Oreos and poured some milk into the cracks. I was going to eat that, but then I mashed the mixture up, mashed up. Unless you have diabetes or other sugar/weight-related health issues, probably just a stomachache at worst if you eat it by itself. If you mix it with something else . Lol i ate the whole jar a few times.. so don't even worry about it at least you I love nutella, especially in those crepes with banana's and. Try it on a toast, or with pancakes mmm! Now, if you eat it on a whole-grain toast, it makes it good for the waistline, right? Gordon Mark AM on 1/24/