Quiz Image. Kalos: The sixth region of the Pokémon franchise, takes place in a city that has striking resemblance to France. So, to eliminate the hassle of choosing, this test will find the starter pokémon that best mirrors your personality. No, not what Pokemon best fits you, but what Pokemon you'd be if you were one. There are many different regions, from Kanto to Kalos. This quiz elaborates on. specmactader.tk is a free online quiz making tool. Make quizzes, send them viral. Generate leads, increase sales and drive traffic to your blog or website.

Lafayettte, Lancelot of the revolutionary set. What? I like Hamilton, and Kalos is based off of France, where Lafayette is from *I believe*!. I dont want to eat i just want to play! Im busy! me: really? but then why are you taking this quiz? you: because thats what im busy doing! LOL!. Created By Jarem Eastman. On Nov 20, Let's Start. Which Starter are you from Pokemon XY? Find out with this Nifty Quiz! Calculating Results Embed.

what kalos region pokemon is your starter. LR Created By LR On Oct 1, Let's Start Get our daily email with a new quiz each day. Don't worry. You are Probably unheard of but you are the newest of the all: Chespin, Fenniken and Froakie. With a few clicks find out which pokemon starter suits you best! Take this quiz! Your trainer and you are under attack by a pack of zangoose, what do you do?. Hint, Answer. Sinnoh, Grass Type. Sinnoh, Fire Type. Sinnoh, Water Type. Unova , Grass Type. Unova, Fire Type. Unova, Water Type. Kalos, Grass Type. Kalos. region, Answer. hoenn. unova. johto. sinnoh. johto. kalos. johto. sinnoh. unova. alola. kanto. sinnoh. sinnoh. hoenn. alola. unova. kanto. unova.

Entertainment Quiz / All Pokemon Starters. Random Region, Answer. Sinnoh. Unova. Unova. Unova. Kalos. Kalos. Kalos. Alola. Alola. Alola. Which new X and Y starting Pokémon should you choose? Quiz. Which starter are you. Find out which Kalos starter Pokemon you are most like fenniken chespin or Wait for other Pokemon to get on it might not be safe. Take a quiz to determine which Pokemon from Kalos best suits you!.

What Kalos Starter Pokemon are you quiz. Wait and see what you are. Who are the three starters in Kalos? Cherubie, Vulpix and Poliwag. Chespin, Fennekin and Froakie. Chesnaught, Delphox and Greninja. 2. Being a huge fan of Pokémon, and a huge fan of one of the new starter Pokémon, Chespin, I really wanted to pick up this book, even if just for the sake of having. Which Starter are you from Pokemon XY? Find out with this Nifty Quiz!.