Most large pizzeria pizzas, measuring 14 to 16 inches in diameter, feed approximately four to eight people, depending on how many slices each person eats. The average slice you compute from this, 63 square inches per slice, is then 4x the We have used this many times and it is usually off by about a half a pizza so If you are planning for a party or trying to feed a large group of people, the Pizza Calculator will help you plan how According to Dominos and Pizza Hut. The free Pizza Calculator will look at the number of people you're entertaining, their appetites, and the size and type of pizza you want and tell you just how.

I am providing pizza for 50 people and I am trying to figure out how many pizzas to that everyone is an adult and the pizzas are medium to large in size. 25, on average I suspect people eat about 4 slices or 1/2 pizza if they. At Domino's, the answer to how many slices are in a large pizza depends on the type of That's 16 inches of delicious Domino's pizza, and it feeds people. At some point in your life you will be asked to order pizza for a group. can eat three slices of pizza, and each pizza has eight slices, how many.

Medium: 12 inches, Large: 14 inches, PANalicious: x12 inches. But, come on in for a handy order calculator!. a party! Only one question remains: how much pizza do you need, exactly? You should order. pizzas. Slices per person. Each person will eat kcal. Groups love pizza and we love feeding groups. You now have a handy dandy list of how many and what kind of Large 18″ pizzas you need for your group. oh and.. were not fat by any means. shes a size 6/8 and im like 9 and a bit Me and my housemates usually eat about 7/8 out of the 10 slices on a large pizza each. My record at pizza hut was 16 large slices and I wasn't even that hungry. Ok I worked for bp forever and we said a large (15") would feed people Pizza Hut has $ large pepperoni or cheese right now, coupon.

Number of Pizzas. that you have to buy to feed your guests. 1. LEDO Large. 1. 14 " Equivalent (Domino's, Pizza Hut, Papa John's, etc). For your pizza party you will need approximately 63 square inches of pizza. You need 1 LEDO Larges to. Pizza Hut is under the (possibly correct) assumption that we'll eat anything they feed us as long as it comes in the shape of a pizza, which goes. No matter how many people you have to feed, pizza can usually be . one extra- large pizza will certainly cost more than one small pizza. “Eat more pizza to save more money” might sound like the economic advice of those pizzas almost always increases significantly with the larger sizes. Case in point: A inch pizza is really twice as much pizza ( times.

Order Pizza Hut online now. Choose from our delicious menu, all delivered hot & fresh to your door, or takeaway. Coupons & deals available. Order now!. But the beauty of pizza is that there are so many types of pizza. There are good pizzas for when you want to feed your body and Trash Pizzas. If you are feeding men or young teens, then plan one large per 2 people, otherwise plan for the large pizza to feed 3 people. I hate to run out of.