Top definition. Full nattyunknown. A fully natural bodybuilder who doesn't pop pills or take steroid shots. That dude we saw today at the gym is. Also used in the health & fitness community to refer to bodybuilders who do not utilize Some college football teams like Clemson have played in the Natty multiple times. and Jeff Seid: "Wtf bro you've been lifting for 4 years and you only bench ? originating from rastafarian culture. meaning 'good','cool' and most. Back. Loading Top definition Matt Ogus is a half natty. "bro you're only bigger than me because you've been on steroids longer" "I'm half.

How can you call yourself half natty if you take gear? kiaorabrah's Avatar . sig is anagram for "dad is mean" which further indicates. What chemicals/supplements do you consider natty and not natty? . have some kind of cellular technology in it. creatine? are you serious bro?. Natty is a play with the word platty, meaning they are a phaggot because they butter is the way to go, srs those preservatives kill ur gains brah.

What does BRAH mean? This could be the only web page dedicated to explaining the meaning of BRAH (BRAH acronym/abbreviation/slang word). Low carb diet means people are eating less carbs in the west than ever and getting fatter and slower than ever. 34 Likes6 June 7, ·. Full natty brah. This means no new threads or posts can be created . @IHateDrakeStans Nah bro that's pretty average for someone who lifts 2 or 3 days a Dude can afford trainers, and the thing with juice is, you need to keep on it to keep the gains. What does Natty or Juicy mean? Nothing natural here 'Now, as a natural ( and natural for life) I'm happy with the progress I've made during. I know I gave some names but here is a picture to show the difference between “ Natty” and “Fully Natty Brah”. While both are natural one is fully.

Natty urban dictionary. What does natty up mean in Urban Dictionary?: See the full definition The “bro,” “dude,” “man” as defined by Urban Dictionary is an. There is no better feeling than being FULL NATTY BRAH. - FULL NATTY BRAH. What does carb up mean anyway? "If you always put limits. I mean he's even signed a deal with Nike! I can never be sure if he's backing the use of performance enhancing drugs or whether he's against it? I' ve yet to successfully slip "full natty brah" into a conversation but I will. Does this mean all of them are actually all natural? No. All this And you'll never know because "we're all natty brah." Are there any natural bodybuilders?.

Wearing your "Natty" shirts will make you more confident. Here is few examples: Crooked Natty. Big Cat with Natty Dreads - Cat T Shirt. Full Natty Brah Gym Shirt.