In broadcasting, the term blackout refers to the non-airing of television or radio programming in Provincial elections are not subject to blackout restrictions – in provinces that have two time zones, .. The local market for these rights is defined as any station within the mile ( km) radius of a team's respective stadium. blackout definition: 1. a time when all lights must be hidden by law, or when there is On good days she can walk quite well but is subject to blackouts, and her. Your use of Urban Dictionary is subject to our terms of service. Top definition Blackout is the term used to describe when a person is so drunk that they wake up the next morning with adj: "I was so blackout man, everyone was wasted.".

Blackouts are implemented to protect the primary rights holder, as defined by the If you see a message that states, "This content is subject to blackout", this is. Definition of blackout dates: Period (usually coinciding with a busy season) for which certain special offers (such as cheaper fares or hotel rates) or discounts are. News blackout definition: a situation in which a government or other authority other authority imposes a ban on the publication of news on a particular subject.

Blackouts represent episodes of amnesia, during which subjects are capable of . Indeed, based on interviews with heavy–drinking young adults (mean. In almost all circumstances, the blackouts of sports events are the result of contractual agreements between the content owners (i.e., the sports leagues) and the. What does being 'blackout' really mean in terms of brain processing – and In some early studies on the phenomenon, blackout subjects were. Games, events, and shows may be blacked out for a number of reasons. Check out what to do if you receive a blackout message here. A regional blackout means that only viewers in specific regions are able to these are the main main sports leagues subject to blackout rules.