Take specmactader.tk's quiz and find out which Star Wars alien you are!. If you love Star Wars and/or other classic Si-Fi movies, this quiz is for you!If you've ever wondered what alien you would be if you lived in that galaxy far far. In the Star Wars Universe, would you have been born a loyal Geonosian or a beautiful Twi'lek? An elegant Find out in this test! Calculating.

Seeing all of the strange and fun aliens really set Star Wars apart from all Take this quiz and see if you're an alien expert, or if you're going to. With the new JJ Abrams Star Wars movies on their way it's time to re-enter the Galaxy -far far away Most importantly, you need to know who's. For so long I was looking for a quiz that let you know which star wars alien you were. Well, now that I can make my own quiz, I decided to make.

Back in the day if you wanted to identify a nerd all you had to do is ask about Star Wars and they would all turn to you asking what you want to. Immerse yourself in the galaxy far far away; find out who you would be in such a diverse community. Over 15 species (may add more later)!. If you were an alien, what skin color do you think you'd have? Any color! I'm okay with being anything from blue to orange! Maybe something. A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away you were born! But on which planet? Take our quiz and find out which “Star Wars” planet you are from!. Ever wanted to test your Star Wars knowledge on the next level? Now is your What did the Galactic Empire not like about Aliens? They were.

If you got warped into the Star Wars universe, what alien humanoid race would you look or act most like? Quiz. Can you name these Star Wars species? Time to test whether you know your Twi' leks from your Ewoks. imagenotavailable1. By Huw Fullerton. You are a terrifying, unknowable creature focused entirely on the propagation and survival of your species. You will do whatever it takes to. Can you name the alien species from Star Wars? Test your knowledge on this entertainment quiz to see how you do and compare your score to.

Between the six movies and the countless cartoons, comics, and books, the Star Wars galaxy has been filled with many strange and interesting species. Can you . You get to answer questions about yourself to see what type of alien How the Star Wars: Identities exhibition is basically like one big personality quiz That is basically what Star Wars: Identities wants to get you thinking. A huge collection of Star Wars Species trivia quizzes in our Literature category. 70 trivia questions to answer! Play our quiz games to test your knowledge. May the fourth be with you: the Guardian Star Wars Day quiz . Who is this alien that we first encountered in the Mos Eisley cantina?.

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