World of Tanks/ .. The AMX 50 can be a challenging Tier 9 to play, due to its huge size with abysmal armor and slow speed; however it is. Name - AMX 50 - French tanks - World of Tanks - Game Guide and to reload. The playing style is similar to what you have been doing on the AMX 50 I played this tank all weekend mostly with me as number 1 tank but also in a good amount of tier X battles. In a tier X battle I wait, hide, snipe and stay out of trouble for a bit, you must have patience in these tanks. Just got my mm unlocked and mounted today on my AMX 50

And oh booooyyyy isnt the amx 50 terrible. You can't play it like a heavy because it has no armour, you can't snipe because of the. AWACS Tank Guides: AMX 50 - posted in Player Guides and Information: AWACS Tank Guides: AMX 50 Stylish Glass Assassin. The AMX 50 can deal massive damage when you play it well. I currently have one in the garage and imo this is a really good tank: mobility.

AMX 50 Stock gun - posted in Ask the Producer: For those who have played AMX 50 and AMX 50 , you would realise how weak a. AMX 50 Tier IX French Heavy Tank .. Loader. is a player created website for World of Tanks. We are not an official Wargaming or World of Tanks. I'm grinding towards Amx 50b. I was playing 9s with a buddy who was playing with the 50 last night and we both share the same opinion. VIIIAMX 50 . Front armor of AMX 50 in World of Tanks: Blitz . The tank featured enhanced armor and a mm gun in the oscillating turret. . Blitz Hangar is a player-created website for World of Tanks: Blitz, developed in. The tank featured enhanced armor and a mm gun in the oscillating turret. AMX 50 video review covering the main vehicle characteristics and its combat.

Graphical overview of weak points of AMX 50 I'm not playing WoT anymore, please send your wishes and bug reports to [email protected] Player. If you're a PlayStation®Plus member, you can download or purchase this item during the subscription period and keep it forever. Products for PlayStation®Plus . Then, AMX decided to play with the hull design and buff the armor of their machine. .. In WoT, the AMX 65t is a "Surblindé" chassis with a turret that was .. This Surblindé version of the AMX 50 uses the same armament. Target Damage for World of Tanks: France Tier 9 Tanks: Bat.-Chatillon 55, Lorraine 40 t, AMX 50 Foch, AMX 50 , Bat.-Chatillon 25 t AP, AMX 13

PLAY WORLD OF TANKS BETTER! HERE'S HOW! The AMX 50 comes with your choice of three different auto-loaders - two 6-round autoloaders (90mm.